Hello! Here’s a sneak peek at some articles I’ve published in Cricket Media’s award-winning magazines, Ask and Muse. They explore topics in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). You can find complete issues at the Cricket Media Store.

The Color No One Can See

Ask magazine, November/December 2020

As you walk through the art museum, you spot a weird black shape. What is it? It looks like someone punched a hole in the room. From the side, you can see the outline of a head. But there are no glints of light from the nose. No dark shadows under the chin. Just…black. The blackest black there is. What is this stuff? Who made it? And where can you get some?

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A Font of Knowledge: Can a Typeface Help Someone Read?

Muse magazine, October 2020

Many smart and creative students find reading exhausting. Christian Boer, a Dutch graphic designer with dyslexia can certainly relate. His graduation project at the University of the Arts Utrecht required so much reading, he thought he’d never finish! Then his teacher asked him to describe what reading with dyslexia was like. A light switched on! Why not start a new project and redesign the alphabet?

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3D Printing to the Rescue: Joining Forces to Help Animals

Muse magazine, November/December 2019

How does an alligator get along without his tail? An eagle without her beak? A puppy without his paws? As you’ve probably guessed–not so great! But advances in 3D printing, scanning, and design are uniting volunteers around the world with animals that need them. See how marvelous makers are already assisting animal rescue organizations, veterinarians, and other experts with their important work.

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