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Elizabeth Tracy writes nonfiction and informational fiction books and articles for kids. She loves real-life inspiring stories, especially when they feature empowered women and girls. Known for her impeccable research and a child-friendly approach to complex topics, Elizabeth has published articles in Cricket Media’s award-winning science magazines ASK and MUSE. Beyond STEM, her interests include art, history, food, and the environment. Prior to writing for children, Elizabeth worked in business and academia. She earned an MS from MIT and a PhD from the London Business School. She divides her time between New York City and the scenic Hudson Valley.

MY STORY In Bullet Points

  • I’m half Swiss. My other half is a crazy quilt of nationalities. Swiss people are known for punctuality and organization, but many of us defy the stereotype!
  • I was born a Wisconsin “Cheesehead” (say it loud, say it proud!), but soon afterward my family moved to Arizona. I remember walking down sidewalks, like beds of hot charcoal, to get to our local swimming pool. I’d ask the lifeguards to drop me off the diving board, because I was too frightened to jump!
  • Before I started Kindergarten we moved again, to a tiny town in Connecticut, where I was chosen to cut the ribbon to a new footbridge. Why me, and not some VIP? My mother says, “Because you were the youngest kid to cross the bridge to school.” My father says, “Because you were cute.”
  • My parents named me Elizabeth, after my grandmother. But in 7th grade a girl named Sue Ellen, who was new to our school and very cool, nicknamed me Liz. I embraced my new moniker like a gift, and never looked back.
  • In high school I edited the yearbook, wrote for the newspaper, and at graduation I won the Spanish Prize. I still write and edit, but my Spanish has gotten rusty! I’d love to speak Spanish fluently, and travel through Latin America.
  • I once caught a giant sailfish off the coast of Florida. I reeled the whopper in for an hour and a half (burning my skin to a crisp) then lost it at the boat! I burst into tears–but I was secretly relieved that the fish swam free. And now I have a great fish story to tell.
  • At MIT, a fellow student began leaving fresh muffins and sweet notes written with green ink in my book locker. A few years later I married that young man, and we’ve shared life’s adventures ever since.
  • An angry elephant charged straight at us while we were on safari in Zimbabwe. I stood stock-still, as instructed by our guide, but everyone else in my group ran for their lives! Thank heavens the elephant stopped, and we all lived to tell the tale.
  • Princess Anne (Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter) presented the doctoral hoods at my London Business School graduation. I wore a funny hat and shared some idle chit-chat with the Princess while she placed a velvety cowl around my neck. For one day, I felt like a knight!
  • I’ve ridden camels past the pyramids near Cairo, hitched a ride inside an ambulance in Moscow, eaten squid-on-a-stick in Sapporo, and cheered for the bulls in Madrid (tragically, the bulls aren’t allowed to win). I’m always up for another expedition–or to hear about yours!